3 Easy Steps to 3D Integration

The world’s leading pharmaceutical companies have integrated InSphero 3D InSight™ Liver Microtissues into their DILI testing. Now we’ve made it easy for you to upgrade to the most biologically relevant in vitro DILI testing models available.

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With our 3D InSight™ DILI Evaluation Service, you can quickly assess the power and utility of our multi-donor human liver microtissues for DILI detection. You don't have to wait for your technical staff to learn new techniques, because our 3D experts do all of the work for you. Send us 6 compounds, and we'll assess their DILI potential using a 14 day, repeat-dosing protocol with ATP endpoint to determine IC50 values. In about 3 weeks, you'll have results with reference compound data for comparison. Want to start right away with using 3D liver microtissues in-house? Try our 3D InSight™ DILI Evaluation Kit.

Use our 3D InSight™ DILI Evaluation Kit to bring your bench scientists up to speed with new methods and prepare to adopt InSphero 3D microtissues as your standard, in-house preclinical model for DILI testing. This kit provides everything you need to evaluate 6 of your compounds alongside 6 reference compounds (for comparison and validation), including microtissues, pre-aliquoted reference compounds, optimized media, ATP assay reagents, and a detailed protocol. You get the full support of our 3D experts while you're performing DILI evaluation experiments, and in less than 3 weeks, you'll be ready to update your SOPs and integrate our microtissue models into your regular DILI workflow.

Review our regular microtissue production schedule, and order plates of 3D InSight™ Liver Microtissues as you need them. Take advantage of the assay-ready convenience of standardized human- or animal-derived liver models, and optimized media delivered directly to your lab. You'll have the satisfaction of knowing you’re using the most biologically relevant in vitro DILI testing models available. Focus on the results, and leave the production and QC to InSphero.


   DILI Evaluation Service | SP-02-121-02

Let our 3D experts do the evaluation work for you.

Service includes:

  • Evaluation of 6 compounds
  • IC50 determination for each compound using
    Multi-donor Human Liver Microtissues
    (co-culture with Kupffer cells)
  • 14 day, repeat-dosing protocol
  • ATP endpoint assay and analyzed results (Promega CellTiter-Glo®)

Time: 3 Weeks

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 DILI Evaluation Kit | KT-02-121-14

Bring 3D InSight™ Microtissues in-house.

Kit includes:

  • 6x 96-well plates of Multi-donor Human Liver Microtissues (co-culture with Kupffer cells)
  • 6 reference compounds
  • Optimized maintenance and application-specific testing media
  • 2x Cytotoxicity assay kits (Promega CellTiter-Glo®)

Time: 2.5 Weeks

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