3D Cell Culture Technology

Combining superior biological relevance with assay-ready convenience

 InSphero 3D Cell Culture Technology bridges the gap between in vitro and in vivo models for discovery and disease modeling


InSphero’s mission is to bring greater biological relevance to in vitro testing by providing easy-to-use solutions for the production and assessment of organotypic 3D cell culture models.   

In vitro spheroid models that more accurately reflect in vivo biology
…that’s InSphero.


Greater relevance: produced with 3D Select™

The key to our mission is our patent-pending 3D Select™ Process, a synthesis of unrivaled commercial expertise in 3D microtissue engineering and patented scaffold-free 3D cell culture technologies. The result is next-generation, organotypic in vitro models, offering greater biological relevance in a flexible format to harness today’s gold-standard analytical methods for more predictive drug discovery and development.

  InSphero 3D Cell Culture Technology for production of 3D microtissues







 3D InSight™: Assay-ready convenience delivered 

Convenience of InSphero 3D Cell Culture Technology for 3D cell culture models
Equally important to our mission is making integration of InSphero microtissue technology into your workflow as simple and convenient as possible. Our standardized 3D InSight™ models are produced regularly, paired with specially formulated media, and delivered conveniently to your lab using our unique shipping method to ensure microtissues are viable and ready for dosing within a few hours of receipt. Reducing your cell culture and QC workload means you work more cost-effectively, and can begin realizing the assay-ready advantages of 3D InSight™ Microtissues immediately. Our 3D experts are always at your service providing first-class support, and our menu of standardized 3D InSight™ Services for toxicology, oncology, and model development give you the ability to move faster by letting us do the testing.  

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