3D InSight™ Convenience – The Assay-ready Advantage

Advanced 3D models delivered direct to your lab, ready to use

We understand that integrating 3D models into your workflow requires changing the way you think about cell culture. Our goal is not only to make the most biologically relevant 3D microtissue models, we also aim to make microtissues easy to implement so you can focus more on using microtissues, and less on making and QC’ing them. Our bench-to-bench delivery means 3D InSight™ Microtissues are truly assay-ready when you are, with quality you can trust for long-term and multi-site safety and efficacy studies.  

What is the assay-ready advantage?

Standardized Standardized 3D Models - Using patented processes and carefully selected donors and cell lines, InSphero has engineered and rigorously validated scaffold-free microtissues to deliver maximum biological relevance, functionality, utility, and predictive power. Every lot is produced to ISO9001 standards to ensure quality and consistency.

medi Optimized Medium - InSphero 3D cell technology experts have formulated culture media to maintain microtissue robustness, and specialized testing media to ensure maximum assay sensitivity and specificity with minimal interference.

Del Convenient Delivery - we produce microtissues on a regular shedule and ship them direct to your lab in our patented, user-friendly delivery platform.  Our special shipping methodology ensures microtissues are ready to dose ~3 hours after receipt.

expert 3D Expertise - With each order, you receive more than just microtissues, you gain a collaborator who understands 3D cell culture, experience in the biology behind each model, and a resource for applications and protocols suited for use with 3D.

handshake 3D InSight™ Services - If you want to move faster and prefer to let InSphero’s team of application experts handle compound testing and profiling in 3D InSight™ Microtissues for you, we offer a menu of 3D InSight™ Standard Services with fast turn-around times. A wide spectrum of 3D-qualified endpoints is available for toxicity and efficacy testing, including biochemical assays, histology, high-content analysis, as well as transcriptomic and proteomic profiling. InSphero’s scientists also develop custom 3D microtissues and service proposals to meet your needs.

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