3D Select™ Process for Microtissue Production

Expertise in commercial-scale production of the highest quality microtissues

Since its founding in 2009, InSphero has been an innovator in technologies enabling production of the highest quality 3D microtissues on a commercial scale. Collectively these technologies define our patent-pending 3D Select™ Process. Critical to the 3D Select™ Process, and what differentiates InSphero 3D InSight™ Microtissues, is ensuring they contain only the most functional and viable cells. When working with cryopreserved or freshly isolated primary human and animal cells, it is essential to exclude dead or functionally compromised cells, as they can negatively impact self-assembly, contribute to heterogenic cell populations, and lead to the presence of necrotic zones within the microtissue. Through the 3D Select Process™ we enrich for only the most viable, functional cells, ensuring maximum aggregation efficiency, viability, and functionality over weeks in culture. Only by ensuring this level of consistency and biological robustness is large-scale production of microtissues achievable.

Components of the 3D Select™ Process

3D Select Process



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3D microtissues offer greater physiological relevance, translating to increased confidence in decisions you make based on in vitro testing. However, reliable mass production of 3D microtissues fit for large-scale screening programs presents new challenges for the bio-manufacturing industry. Learn how 3D Select™ technology has overcome these challenges in our White Paper:

3D select technology white paper


Perfecting cellular self-assembly: Prerequisites for industrial-scale production of 3D microtissues for drug discovery and development.



Example: Human Liver Microtissues

3D Select™ vs. conventional methods

The 3D Select™ Process has a significant impact not only on the success or failure of microtissue formation, but also the viability and functionality of resulting microtissues due to differences in the health of incorporated cells. The data below provides a specific example of the 3D Select Process for production of Human Liver Microtissues compared to conventional liver spheroid production methods. Cryopreserved primary human hepatocytes (PHH) from six different donors were used to compare re-aggregation efficiency and viability (Figure 1).  Read more for further characterization of the improved morphology and reproducibility of liver microtissues produced using the 3D Select™ Process, 









Figure 1. Comparison of liver microtissue formation and viability using the 3D Select™ Process or conventional methods. 



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