3D InSight™ Microtissue Shipping Technology

Ensuring microtissue functionality and viability, from our lab to yours

3D InSight™ Microtissues are delivered assay-ready to your lab, one microtissue per well in our automation-compatible 96-well delivery platform.  Our proprietary shipping conditions maintain microtissues at 37°C during transit, keeping them ready for compound dosing within 3 hours upon receipt and initial medium exchange.  The tapered SureXchange™ ledge of the assay plate makes medium exchange and compound dosing fast and reliable. Optimized maintenance medium, application-specific media, and assay kits are shipped separately according to their individual requirements.

Shipping Process Step by Step

Shipping microtissue models for discovery and development


Every order is custom-packed in specialized protective packaging to withstand the bumps, turns, and tumbles of shipping.  In particular, live microtissues require temperature stabilization between 30°C- 37°C and pH control during transit, which is enabled by our proprietary shipping technology.  This prevents induction of temperature-related stress responses and corresponding loss of functionality. Each shipment includes a special temperature logger to monitor temperature during the entire bench-to-bench transit, providing the recipient with a clear indication if deviation from acceptable parameters has occurred.


When shipping perishable cell culture, each order must not only maintain a safe, biologically conducive environment, but also adhere to a specific delivery window to reach its destination in a timely manner.   Our shipping logistics team is experienced in international shipment of biological materials requiring accurate submission of contents and destination to ensure smooth processing and customs clearance out of the country of origin to the destination country.  

Once packed and set up, the package is hand delivered to the airlines or couriers and tracked by InSphero’s logistics department. InSphero has set state-of-the-art partnerships with major international logistics providers to offer the best service at the optimal price, defined by the constraints within which microtissues must ship. Continuous tracking by InSphero guarantees an immediate reaction if a package is delayed by natural events or other uncertainties.


Proper handling upon receipt by the customer is as critical as any prior steps. In particular, unpacking requires attention to maintain the temperature continuity and ensure that microtissues are handled with the utmost care. End users should carefully check the state of the package before opening and document any anomaly.  A handling manual indicating the first steps upon receipt is included in every shipment. If you have any questions, contact our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will gladly assist you.

Once you receive your microtissues, all you need to to is perform a simple medium exchange to replace the shipment medium with fresh tissue-specific maintenance medium (provided). The tapered SureXchange™ ledge of the plate makes medium exchange and compound dosing fast and reliable. Optimized maintenance medium, application-specific media, and assay kits are shipped separately, based on tissue- and study-specific requirements.




Our proprietary shipping technology enables temperature control between 30°- 37°C and pH control during transit to avoid temperature-related stress response and corresponding loss of functionality

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