Upgrade your drug safety and efficacy workflow with certified 3D InSight™ applications

InSphero scientists work closely with representatives from pharmaceutical and life science industries, academia, and regulatory agencies to help establish standards and protocols for using advanced 3D models in drug discovery and development. We then implement best practices for using InSphero 3D InSight™ models and services through rigorous in-house testing and collaborations with our technology partners and customers.  We certify our microtissues for the most appropriate, informative assay endpoints to ensure consistent, reliable, reproducible results. With the purchase of 3D InSight models, you gain access not only to our support team of 3D application experts, but also to our library of 3D-optimized technical protocols.

Liver Toxicology

Toxicology icon

DILI Prediction

  • Tier 1: Short-term (max. 7 days)
  • Tier 2: Long-term (14 days)
  • Translational Toxicity

Mechanistic and Investigative Toxicology

  • Mitochondrial toxicity
  • Inflammation-mediated toxicity
  • CYP-mediated toxcity
  • Cholestasis
  • Drug Induced Steatosis
  • Apoptosis
  • Omics profiling

Recommended Models

Liver Microtissues

Services and Kits

DILI Evaluation Service
DILI Evaluation Kit
14-day Hepatotoxicity Testing
Mitochondrial Toxicity Testing
Cross-species toxicity testing

Diabetes and NASH Discovery

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  • β-cell function and insulin secretagogues
  • α-cell function and glucagon suppressors
  • Islet viability and apoptosis
  • β-cell proliferation
  • Type 1 & Type 2 disease models
  • Dynamic insulin secretion
  • Drug-induced pancreatic endocrine injury


  • Diet-induced Steatosis
  • NASH
  • Fibrosis

Recommended Models

Islet Microtissues
Liver Microtissues


Custom Diabetes Drug Testing Services


Oncology icon

Efficacy Testing

  • Single drug testing
  • Combinatorial drug testing


  • Infiltration
  • Immune-mediated tumor cell killing


  • Antibody penetration
  • Tumor relapse
  • Migration

Recommended Models

Custom Tumor Microtissues


Oncology Services
Custom Tumor Microtissue Development



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