13.04.2016 - Biovalley Treffpunkt Lörrach


Stammzellen in Pharmaforschung, Medizintechnik und Anwendung 

13.April 2016, 19:00 Uhr

Konferenzzimmer im Innocel Innovations-Center Lörrach
(1. Stock in der Marie-Curie-Str. 8, D-79539 Lörrach)

Creating Tissues from Stem Cells for Drug Development
by Dr. Jens Kelm, CSO and Co-Founder of InSphero AG, Schlieren/CH

Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS) have become a valuable source for toxicological profiling of drugs in the pharmaceutical industry. However, they are also a valuable cell source to create 3D microtissues in vitro, especially for organs from which it is difficult to obtain primary cells such as the heart and brain. Next to the use of iPS cells other types such as adult stem cells are also being used to re-create tissue structures in the petri dish e.g. the epithelial barrier of the intestine. Here we provide an overview how stem cells can be used to create physiological relevant tissue models in vitro, showcasing heart, brain and intestine.

A preclinical stage biotech developing stem cell-derived treatments for genetic and age-related muscle disease
by Dr. Jean-Yves Bonnefoy, CEO, Anagenesis Biotechnologies SAS, Illkirch/FR

Anagenesis Biotechnologies owns a unique proprietary technology, which is the result of 15 years of research in the laboratory of Pr. Olivier Pourquié, a world expert in the field of musculo-skeletal development and stem cells. His laboratory is particularly interested in paraxial mesoderm, the embryonic tissue that gives rise to skeletal muscle and axial skeleton. Paraxial Mesoderm Multipotent Cells (P2MCs) are shared precursors of skeletal muscle, ribs, vertebrae, dermis, endothelium & brown fat. Anagenesis Biotechnologies’ proprietary technology allows the company to produce muscle cells from stem cells and is based on a unique patent-protected know-how. The priority of the company is to develop new drugs for Duchenne myopathy and then for sarcopenia and cachexia with pharma partners.

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