03.05.2017 - NC3Rs - Safety Pharmacology Society regional meeting

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Join InSphero at NC3Rs in Coventry, UK.

03.05.2017 - NC3Rs - Safety Pharmacology Society regional meeting: The use of human tissues for safety assessment

This meeting will bring together researchers to foster collaboration and discuss how best to support and enable the use of human tissues in safety testing. Scientific advances, model development and process changes will be highlighted and the predictive value of these in vitro approaches as alternatives to animal models will be discussed, including integration into current and future testing strategies.

  SPS EUROPEAN REGIONAL MEETING, co-hosted with NC3Rs and Coventry University

  Conference Date
Wednesday 03 May 2017, 10am – 6pm
                 Coventry University, UK


Poster Presentation:
A New Multi-Tissue Microfluidic Platform for use with 3D InSight™ Microtissues

         Presented by Dr. Adrian Rea, InSphero AG


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