InSphero 3D Cell Culture Platforms Now Available Exclusively Through PerkinElmer

PE Announcement

The GravityPLUSTM Hanging Drop System and GravityTRAPTM ULA Plates are now EXCLUSIVELY available through PerkinElmer  

We are excited to inform you that InSphero and PerkinElmer have entered into a partnership making PerkinElmer the exclusive global distributor of our GravityPLUSTM and GravityTRAPTM 3D cell culture plates.  Read the Press Release

Our partnership with PerkinElmer will help make our industry-leading GravityPLUSTM Hanging Drop System and GravityTRAPTM ULA Plate technologies more readily available to a global customer base and simplify logistics associated with world-wide ordering and delivery.  We assure you that PerkinElmer will honor you as their customer in the same way we have, and that their products will bring added value to your 3D cell culture research.

Beginning July 21, 2015 we ask that you please place orders for InSphero plates through PerkinElmer. Please read the attached bulletin closely for a list of affected InSphero products and the new PerkinElmer part numbers, along with answers to Frequently Asked Questions about placing orders through PerkinElmer.

Other 3D InSightTM products from InSphero are not affected by this distribution agreement, therefore please continue to order assay-ready 3D microtissues, cell culture media, assay kits and services directly through InSphero.

In case of any remaining questions, kindly contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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