Publication: Bone Microtissues Made in GravityPLUS Improve Implants

Best of Both Worlds: GravityPLUS™ publication advances scaffold-based bone implant technology using scaffold-free microtissues

A new generation of biomaterials focus on smart materials incorporating cells.  In this recent InSphero publication in the journal Materials, the authors describe a novel generation of synthetic nanofibrous implant functionalized with scaffold-free living 3D microtissues grown in the InSphero GravityPLUS™ Hanging Drop System.  The regenerative medicine strategy enhances the effectiveness of therapeutic implants compared to current strategies based on adding single cells to the implanted scaffold. 


Bone microtissue 
Bone microtissue grown in InSphero's GravityPLUS™ Hanging Drop System

InSphero 006 20150826

The InSphero GravityPLUS™ Hanging Drop System is InSphero's patented scaffold-free 3D cell culture platform.  It includes the GravityPLUS™ Hanging Drop Plate for microtissue production, and the companion GravityTRAP™ plate for microtissue culture and assay. 


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