July 27 - August 7 - InSphero 3D Summer School Webinar Series 2015

2015 InSphero Summer School2

InSphero 3D Summer School Webinar Series 2015 - A great way to learn how 3D cell culture is simply more relevant!

InSphero's 2015 3D Summer School Webinar Series is back by popular demand! We've expanded this unique online event series to help you keep in touch with the latest in 3D cell culture technology and applications during summer time. This is a great opportunity to learn in an online format, making it easy to attend topics of greatest interest to you!

From basic 101 classes on 3D cell culture, to advanced sessions focused on cancer biology, toxicology and more, our 2015 webinar series gathers high-quality speakers and participants from industry and academia spanning a wide range of 3D knowledge and experience. Attend one or attend them all at no cost.

  • 1+ webinar per day over 2 weeks
  • Presentations from 3D cell culture and application experts from industry, academia, InSphero and our partners
  • Topics from general overviews to specific applications for safety, efficacy, and disease modeling

Date: Monday, July 27 to Friday, August 07, 2015


Registration now open!

Planned Webinar Topics Include:

  • An introduction to 3D cell culture techniques and the benefits of scaffold-free systems
  • 3D optimized endpoints and cell based assays for spheroid analysis
  • Metabolic profiling of 3D microtissues
  • 3D tumor models for drug discovery
  • High throughput size profiling of tumor spheroids  
  • 3D liver microtissue models for toxicity testing
  • High content imaging of liver microtissues  
  • 3D pancreatic, cardiac, and neuronal model systems for toxicity testing and disease modeling
  • The Body on a Chip - modeling complex multi-organ systems using microtissues and microfluidics  

Earn your InSphero Ph.3D. and get the chance to win a $500 travel grant!

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  • Attend any 4 InSphero 3D Summer School sessions, and you'll earn a unique InSphero Ph.3D. diploma!
  • Attend 5 or more InSphero 3D Summer School sessions and qualify for the Grand Prize drawing of a $500 travel grant to a 2015 or 2016 meeting hosted by one of the following:
    InSphero User Group Meeting

  • Can't attend that many sessions? No worries, you'll still have a chance to win! For each 3D Summer School session you attend, your name will be entered into a drawing to win 1 of 5 revolutionary SWATCH SISTEM51 series watches in the color of your choice. The more you attend, the more you learn...and the better your chance of winning!
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