Publication: Adding the 'heart' to hanging drop networks for microphysiological multi-tissue experiments.

Beating cardiac microtissues added to hanging drop BoC networks.

Researchers at the ETH Zurich have added beating cardiac microtissues developed by InSphero into a novel microfluidic device that can synchronize the beating microtissue with unidirectional pulsed- or continuous flow of culture medium throughout an interconnected hanging drop microtissue network. Read the full article describing this next-generation Body-on-a-Chip concept published in the Sept 15 issue of the journal Lab on a Chip (open access until November 19, 2015), and read the feature article on the publication in Chemistry World.

Synchronously beating neonatal rat cardiomyocytes in 3D:


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Webinar: Introduction to Cardiac Microtissues and Assaying Electrical Activity, Intracellular Calcium and Contractility in Cardiac Microtissues Using CellOPTIQ Platform from Clyde Biosciences 


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InSphero Granted Hanging Drop Patent in United States

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