3D InSight™ Drug Discovery Services

Extend your scientific staff with drug discovery services based on advanced 3D tissue models

InSphero 3D InSight™ Drug Discovery Services leverage the improved biology and in vivo-like fuctionality of 3D microtissues and the expertise of our scientific staff to deliver more relevant data with which to identify novel drug targets and evaluate the efficacy of new or re-purposed drugs. With years of experience generating a diverse array of tumor and complex tumor/stromal co-culture models, our Onclogy Services team can help you build a tumor model using established cell lines, PDX cell lines, or primary tumor material.  Extend your scientific staff by having our team screen your tumor model for single or combinatorial drug efficacy, tumor relapse behavior, or assess antibody or ADC penetration in an in vitro 3D model that more closely reflects the true tumor microenvironment.    

Our experience creating in vitro disease models extends beyond the field of oncology, with unique microtissue models for liver disease and diabetes also available for customized drug discovery studies.         

Drug discovery services offered:


3D InSight™ Oncology Services

Tumor microtissue-based efficacy testing from the experts in 3D

  • Conduct your study in organotypic 3D tumor and tumor/stromal models
  • Enable long-term, repeat-dose experiments with 3D-optimized endpoints
  • Utilize standardized protocols for compound testing and classification
  • Receive rapid turnaround with strict confidentiality

Model systems employed:

Services offered:

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