3D InSight™ DILI Evaluation Service

Fast track your evaluation of 3D InSight™ Human Liver Microtissues for drug induced liver injury (DILI) prediction

This service is designed to enable you to quickly assess the predictive power of our 3D in vitro liver models for drug safety testing without the challenges and expense typically associated with new model development, evaluation, and standardization.  It combines the convenience of outsourcing with a highly optimized, proven protocol for DILI compound classification.

  • Test 6 compounds in physiologically relevant liver model composed of pooled multi-donor primary human hepatocytes co-cultured with Kupffer cells
  • Achieve maximum sensitivity and specificity with a 14 day repeat dosing regimen and single ATP endpoint 
  • Receive IC50 values for your test compounds plus Chlorpromazine positive control in just 3 weeks
  • Compare results to classification data from historical reference compound data set

When you're ready to test in-house, our DILI Evaluation Kit provides everything your bench scientists need to run the same experiments, validate results, and integrate 3D InSight™ Human Liver Microtissues into your drug safety workflow.

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Service at a Glance

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  • integrate 3D models for drug induced liver injury prediction
    The first step toward 3D model integration. This service enables you to conduct a controlled experiment to better assess how you can efficiently integrate 3D models into your safety workflow without launching a major new development effort. Send us 6 compounds of interest, we'll run the experiments and classify their potential for DILI.
  •  Chronic Drug Induced Liver Injury Service 14 day workflow and Dosing Protocol

    Our DILI Evaluation Service 14 day repeat-dosing protocol

  • 14 day tox human liver mt IHC webOur organotypic 3D liver model. 3D InSight™ Human Liver Microtissues are composed of pooled multi-donor primary human hepatocytes (PHH) co-cultured with Kupffer cells.  They display polarized, cuboidal shaped hepatocytes, integration of CD68+ Kupffer cells, and formation of functional bile canaliculi (BSEP shown), representing intact cholestatic and inflammatory mechanisms of DILI.

  • A proven model and protocol for DILI prediction, featuring:
    • Organotypic, genetically diverse primary hepatocyte model that mitigates potentially confounding responses resulting from single-donor CYP polymorphisms
    • Longevity > 4 weeks in vitro enables repeat dosing experiments
    • Co-culture with non-parenchymal cells, including Kupffer cells
    • No bioartificial matrices
    • Optimized Promega CellTiter-Glo® assay

  • Discover the benefits of 14 day dosing protocol:
    • Chronic exposure to test chemicals elicits different biological effects than short-term high dose exposures
    • Primary, secondary and tertiary effects on stress pathways and adaptive responses are captured
    • Predictive value increases with exposure time, with highest sensitivity towards potential hepatotoxicants, while maintaining high specificity
  • Evaluate the power of 3D for DILI testing with minimal risk and investment
  • Assess effects of drug exposure with 14 day repeat dose protocol
  • Leverage greater mechanistic accuracy
  • Harness the power of 3D assays
  • Gain clinically relevant insights from a single endpoint DILI assay

Catalog # SP-02-121-02
Model system 3D InSight™ Human Liver Microtissues (multi-donor hepatocytes, co-culture with Kupffer cells)
Number of compounds 6  
Experimental design 14 day drug exposure with cell viability endpoint at day 14  
Number of dosings 3 (Days 0, 5, and 9)  
Tested compound concentration 7-point dose-response curve  
Positive control compound Chlorpromazine  
Endpoint ATP (Promega CellTiter-Glo®)  
Data analysis

Dose-response for cell viability IC50ATP)  
IC50 values  
Margin of Safety (MOS) calculation if cmax values are known  
Hill-slope, minimum and maximum viability  
Written report  


Sample DILI Evaluation Service Data Using Reference Compounds

 Multi donor DILI table

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