3D InSight™ Short-term Hepatotoxicity Testing Service

Why choose short-term hepatotoxicity testing?

  • Offers rapid in vitro hepatotoxic characterization in organotypic 3D microtissue models
  • Multiple species available allowing translational comparison to existing in vivo data
  • Enables compound prioritization before entering cost-intensive animal studies


3D Model Systems:


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  • For pricing information and shipping costs, please indicate the quantity of compounds you'd like to test and desired service completion date in the quote request form.

    Catalog # Description
    SP-02-010-01 3D InSight™Short-term Hepatotoxicity Testing – 5 compounds
    SP-02-010-02 3D InSight™Short-term Hepatotoxicity Testing - 10 compounds
    SP-02-010-03 3D InSight™Short-term Hepatotoxicity Testing - 20 compounds


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  • Model systems

    3D InSight™ Human, Rat or Dog Liver Microtissues (Minipig, Cynomolgus beta test species also available)

    Exposure time

    7 days. Initial dosing at day 0, repeat dosing at day 3.

    xspecies dosing

    Figure 1. Schematic outline of short-term hepatotoxicity testing. Liver microtissues are initially treated with compound (Day 0) and re-dosed at Day 3. On Day 7, the microtissues are subjected to ATP measurement using CellTiter-Glo® assay.


    ATP (intracellular - Promega CellTiter-Glo®), other endpoints upon request
    Promega mini

    Test compound concentration

    7 point dose-response curve, each data point in triplicate.

    Compound requirements

    50 μl from a 200X stock (in DMSO), or powder equivalent

    Quality control

    0.5% DMSO, Chlorpromazine (positive control)

    Data delivery

    Dose response curve, IC50 +/- confidence intervals, written report

    xspecies charts

    Figure 2. Dose-response curves for human, dog and rat liver microtissues for 7 days exposure to increasing concentrations of Diclofenac. Curves demonstrate cell viability as determined by Promega CellTiter-Glo® at day 7 of exposure.


    Foster, A., Summers, C., Sidaway, J., Messner, S., Haugstetter, J., Rutt, T., Hockings, P., Oldman, K. and Williams, D. "Evaluation of 3D InSightTM human liver microtissues for the detection of compounds that cause drug-induced liver injury in humans". Astra Zeneca IVTS 2014 Poster Presentation. Reprint upon request

    Messner, S., Agarkova, I., Moritz, W., & Kelm, J.M. (2012). Multi-cell type human liver microtissues for hepatotoxicity testing. Archives of toxicology, 87(1),209-13.

    Kratschmar, D.V., Messner, S., Moritz, W., & Odermatt, A. Characterization of a Rat Multi-Cell Type 3D-Liver Microtissue Sstem. Tissue Science & Energeering, 4(2), 130.


    • Organotypic primary hepatocyte model with high functionality over 4 weeks
    • Enables repeat dosing experiments
    • Co-culture with non-parenchymal cells, including Kupffer cells
    • Optimized Promega CellTiter-Glo® assay
    • No bioartificial matrices
  • Support

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