3D InSight™ Custom Microtissue Development

Custom microtissue development – your reliable source for organotypic microtissue models

  • Microtissues tailored to your specifications
  • Excellent tissue reformation with native-like tissue morphology and functionality
  • Economical and convenient 96 well format, short delivery times

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  • Custom Tumor Microtissue Development for single cell line, co-culture, and patient-derived cell lines is offered as part of our 3D InSight™ Oncology Services.  View details and pricing information.    

    Pricing and development time for models other than tumor microtissues will vary based upon the complexity of the model and the cell type desired.  For further information, pricing or to discuss your specific needs, please contact us.

  • Convert your cell line into a highly functional 3D microtissue

    Researchers are increasingly adopting organotypic 3D tissue models due to their higher biological function compared to conventional 2-dimensional cell cultures. Thousands of different cell lines are used to test the biological mechanisms and toxicology of drug compounds based on the problem to be solved. However, creating tissue equivalents in a standard laboratory environment can be cumbersome and resource-demanding. InSphero can help accelerate your transition to 3D by testing the microtissue formation capacity of your cell types-of-interest using scaffold-free and hydrogel-based formats. Depending on the requirements, the model system can be further characterized for its feasibility for your screening campaign. Finally, InSphero provides you -- based on our proprietary, automatic production process - assay-ready microtissues in our patented 96-well GravityTRAP™ plate for long-term culture, simple medium exchange and compound dosing, and automation compatibility.

    Microtissue Design – Your Choice

    InSphero offers the development of microtissues tailored to your specifications and based upon a variety of cell lines and primary cell sources. Using scaffold-free self-assembly, the following microtissue models are possible:

    • Mixed single or multi-cell type microtissue models (up to three different cell types – cell lines or primary cells)
    • Cell layers coated on microtissues

    Example of customized microtissues

    Example of customized 3D microtissues








    InSphero custom microtissue development capabilities 

    • Microtissue development, typically within 6-8 weeks
    • H&E stained paraffin sections (upon request)
    • Data on growth characteristics (upon request)
    • Morphometric data (upon request)
    • Testing reference compounds (upon request)

    InSphero's microtissues are created under standardized conditions based on gravity-driven self assembly combined with well-controlled culture conditions. This technology ensures an excellent tissue reformation with native tissue-like morphology and functionality. 

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