3D InSight™ Custom Tumor Microtissue Development

Streamline oncology discovery by letting our experts build a screening-ready 3D tumor or tumor-stromal co-culture model built to your specifications

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Creating 3D tumor models can be a resource-demanding endeavor, particularly when it involves more complex tumor/stromal co-cultures, or patient-derived xenograft (PDX) cell lines. Our experts can develop a custom tumor microtissue for you. Identify or provide a sample of your cell line of interest, and we'll assess:

  • Feasibility and optimization of spheroid formation in scaffold-free formats
  • Size-based growth kinetic over 10 days in culture
  • ATP after tissue formation and 10 days in culture
  • Histology at day 4 and 10 (H&E, EGFR, Vimentin)

As part of this service, you'll receive a complete written report and consultation on how to handle and assay your custom tumor microtissue model.

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  • We can develop 3D InSight™ Custom Tumor Microtissues from a single cancer cell type or using more complex co-cultures with fibroblasts (NIH3T3 or NHDF), with or without HUVECs. The following table lists some of the many cancer cell lines that our scientists have used to create 3D tumor models.

    Tumor Type Cancer Cell Lines
    Lung A549, Colo699
    Liver HepG2, Huh-7
    Colorectal HCT-116, HT-29, DLD-1, LS174T, LoVo
    Breast MCF-7, T47D, MDA-MB-231, MDA-MB-361
    Prostate DU-145, PC-3
    Glioblastoma SNB-19, LN-18
    Ovarian A2780, HEY
    Cervical C33-A
    Kidney A498, 786-O
    Osteosarcoma SAOS-2, HOS, MG-63
  • For pricing information and shipping costs, please request a quote, indicating your tumor model specifications (preferred cancer cell line, monoculture or co-culture requirements), quantity, and desired ship date.


    Catalog # Description
    SP-01-040-01 3D InSight™ Custom Tumor Microtissue Development (1 model)
  •  Figure 6

    Examples of tumor microtissues developed as 3D InSight™ custom model development projects, which included identification of target protein expression patterns.



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