What is unique about 3D InSight™ Microtissues?

Not all microtissues are created equal. 3D InSight™ Microtissues provide the ideal blend of biological relevance, endpoint flexibility, and reproducibility to enable more efficient, more predictive, and more cost-effective in vitro safety and efficacy testing.whats unique

3D InSight™ microtissues are a complete, standardized, assay-ready 3D model system.  Although 3D cell culture of some cell types (particularly tumor cell lines) can be relatively simple, the production of functional, biomimetic microtissues from mono- or co-culture of primary cells to reflect native tissue structure and function is significantly more complex. 
Variables such as donor source, preservation conditions (ie cryopreserved or fresh), culture and dissociation processes, media formulation, 3D culture platform, seeding density, incubation time, and medium exchanges can each critically impact the success or failure of spheroid formation, and even more so the functionality of the resulting microtissue.  
It's a process that can take years of development, optimization, standardization and validation to produce a reliable, reproducible 3D model system.

When you order 3D InSight™ Microtissues, we've done the hard work for you, including development, production, validation, and QC.  Our microtissues are produced on a regular schedule using carefully selected primary cells, cell lines, or iPS-derived cells which undergo specialized pre-treatment and/or selection steps before being seeded into spheroids. 
The spheroid formation process is driven solely by cellular self-assembly, absent of artificial scaffolds or matrices which can impact spheroid biology and limit utility in downstream assays and imaging applications.
Our 3D experts have formulated optimized maintenance and application-specific media to ensure your microtissues remain healthy, and deliver results you can trust.  Every plate of microtissues must pass rigorous ISO-9001 quality standards to ensure consistent size, viability, and fit-for-purpose functionality, and are supplied with extensive donor characterization data where appropriate.

Just place your order for the next production run, receive your plate of uniform microtissues via direct shipment to your lab, and begin dosing within a few hours of receipt.  It's that simple.

StandardizedStandardized 3D Models
Using patented processes and carefully selected cell lines and donors, InSphero engineers and rigorously validates scaffold-free microtissues to deliver maximum biological relevance, functionality, and predictive power.

mediOptimized medium
InSphero 3D experts have formulated culture media to maintain microtissue robustness, and specialized testing media to ensure maximum assay sensitivity and specificity with minimal interference.

DelConvenient Delivery
A routine production schedule and patented shipping methods mean microtissues are always ready when you are, delivered right to your lab in our patented GravityTRAP™ assay plate, ready to dose within 3 hours of receipt.

expert3D Expertise
Every 96-well plate of microtissues comes with years of InSphero 3D know-how, 3D-optimized protocols, and first-class customer support. Want to move faster? Access 3D InSight™ Microtissues through our contract screening services.

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